About Us

    Jason Tefft has over 15 years experience in residential construction.  Most recently
   he was a job site superintendant for a large home builder in the Orlando, FL area. 
   Jason provides exceptional customer service and satisfaction.  He will not finish a job 
   unless his strict standards of quality are met.  His motto is "If I'm not happy with
   something, the homeowner will not be either".
  Jason is here to help you save energy. Solar 
     Screens will block the heat, not the view

You may be wondering what Solar Screens are.  Well, this diagram shows that the sun gives off over 230 BTUs, or roughly the heat you feel from a BBQ grill.  That heat beats down on your windows, causing the heat to cross through the barrier of glass, thereby increasing the heat gain in your home, and raising the interior temperature.  Solar Screens are custom made screens which fit over your entire window (not like the insect screeing you have now, that only covers the lower half of your windows).  This special fabric reflects the heat away from your window glass, reducing the amount of heat penetrating into your home.  This in turn keeps your rooms cooler and prevents your Air Conditioning unit from having to come on as often, thus you will save lots of $$$.  Solar Screens will also help prevent your carpet and furniture from fading.  Also, in the winter, condensation on your windows causes your sill to be wet, and your drywall to stain or be damaged.  Solar Screening will stop this condensation by 99%, so say goodbye to those soggy towels in the window!
Solar Screens are an energy efficient product.  Check with your local power company to see if they offer a rebate.  Also, check with your tax advisor to see if you can take them as a tax deduction! 

Don't replace those windows for "energy" efficient windows, which take years to recoupe your cost.  Just Solar Screen them and see a faster return on your investment!! 

Don't Delay, Call TODAY!
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